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Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood Pellet Boilers


Automatic Wood Pellet Boilers are suitable for space and water heating, cooling and microgeneration of electricity.


KM Renewable Energy are suppliers and installers of wood pellet boilers across the UK.  Using wood pellet for fuel is virtually carbon neutral and savings can be 50% or more compared to oil, LPG or electricity.  When combined with Government incentives there has never been a better time to invest in a wood pellet biomass system.


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If you are looking for boiler houses or pellet storage we have a variety of options, including our energy pod and pellet store, or bespoke structures.


Biomass wood pellet boilers are fairly simple in design and require little maintenance if they are run on a good fuel source.


Wood pellet boilers are often supplied automatically from a bulk pellet store.  This can be either via a mechanical auger connection or vacuum turbine.  Vacuum systems have the advantage of enabling the bulk store to be positioned remotely up to 25m from the boiler.




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