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Wind and Water - Harvesting Nature

Wind and Water - Harvesting Nature


As well as using renewable energy sources to generate heat and power, there are a range of solutions to harness the power of nature and convert it into energy - primarily wind power and water power.  In addition, harvesting rainwater is an effective way of reducing your impact on the environment and saving money if you are using a metered water supply.  Most properties don't have their own stream to harness so we do not directly supply water turbines but we would be happy to put you in touch with other specialists if required.


Wind Turbines


Most areas of the UK have sufficient daily wind to drive a turbine which in turn generates electricity.  If you have a sufficiently consistent supply you can sell any surplus back to the grid to create an income.  In many cases, this income and the money saved from reduced energy bills will cover the cost of the installation in approx. 3 - 5 years.




Rainwater Harvesting Systems


Rainwater is filtered and stored in an underground tank and used throughout the house where the need for fresh drinking water is not a pre-requisite.  Mains water is piped to drinking taps and serves as a backup elsewhere.






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