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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Systems


Domestic Systems


KM Renewable Energy can supply domestic rainwater harvesting systems where rain is collected from the roof via the downpipes and guttering. It is then filtered to remove any debris.  The filtered water is stored in the underground tank and then automatically distributed to the parts of the property where it's needed. Horizon Energy believes that simplicity is the key to reliable and virtually maintenance free systems.
























Commercial Systems


Rising water prices and the increasing demand for water consumption have made businesses realise the benefits of harvesting rainwater. There is also a growing desire for companies to operate more sustainably and to reduce their environmental impact.


As well as a solution to reducing demands on water supplies, rainwater harvesting offers significant financial benefits.  Many new commercial buildings are being constructed to meet the requirements of the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method BREEAM and rainwater harvesting is now a well tried and tested technology.


Rainwater harvesting systems for commercial and industrial buildings are generally bigger and more sophisticated versions of those used for domestic properties.  Commercial installations may have additional features for ease of control and to ensure uninterrupted supply, and can include features such as UV disinfection, automatic backwashing, or monitoring display units.


Harvested water can be put to many commercial uses.  Buildings with a high demand for non-potable water can see immediate savings and benefit from a quick return on investment. With a wide range of products on-hand we can supply solutions to meet all requirements.




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