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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps...


There are three types of heat pumps that are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and domestic applications due to their ease of installation and overall efficiency.


  • Ground Source GSHP
  • Air Source ASHP - the most common for retro-fit
  • Water Source WSHP


Typically Heat Pumps are best suited to well insulated, low energy buildings with low temperature distribution systems such as under floor heating UFH or high efficiency radiators.  They may be retrofitted to existing buildings or specified for new builds.


If retrofitting it may be beneficial to combine them with an existing oil or gas boiler, to compensate for when the heat pump is working at its maximum.


Situations to avoid include:


  • poorly insulated and draughty properties
  • sporadic heating of infrequently used properties
  • micro-bore (biro thick) heating pipes


Most domestic properties are on a single phase (230V) electrical supply, which restricts the heat pump output to around 16kW. 3-phase supplies enable heat pump outputs to increase in some commercial properties.


Ground source heat pumps usually require one borehole per 5kW of output or a horizontal trench area around 1.5 to 2 times the heated floor area of the property.  Horizontal trenches are as efficient as boreholes but less expensive.


Air source heat pumps save on the cost and disruption of ground works although they run slightly less efficiently and therefore attract a lower RHI tariff.


Weather Compensation controls work by adjusting the flow temperature and output of the heat pump to the external weather conditions in order to maintain the set internal temperature at optimal efficiency.  They are standard with our heat pumps and add about 20% efficiency to the running costs.  'Set-back' temperature settings enable a reduced output during 'off' times so the system does not have to re-heat from cold.


When comparing running costs, it is best to compare in terms of pence per kWh.  You can estimate your annual kWh heating requirements from your fuel bills and convert this to an alternative fuel, bearing in mind the implications of boiler and control efficiency.




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