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KM Renewable Energy is a renewable energy and insulation company based in Birmingham, West Midlands.  KM Renewable Energy specialise in renewable energy technologies and insulation products for commercial and domestic installations across the UK and worldwide.


In recent years, energy prices have risen dramatically and are predicted to continue to rise in the future.  The UK Government has set several targets to reduce energy usage in a bid to reduce our carbon dioxide output.


With renewable energy and insulation technologies you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money.


There are numerous routes available to obtain the latest technologies in renewable energy and insulation.  Many finance companies are keen to offer loans to cover the full installation and government incentives can contribute towards the installation costs and potentially earn you money.


KM Renewable Energy can offer renewable energy technology with no upfront costs for those who qualify.  Technologies like solar panels and wind turbines have no ongoing costs once they are installed, other than occasional maintenance.  Other technologies, such as biomass, burn alternative fuel sources such as biomass pellets and do have an ongoing cost.


The range of technologies available today can be bewildering.  Most will reduce your energy consumption, or allow you to benefit from free or cheaper energy.  In order to meet Government targets, a number of incentives have been introduced to encourage property owners to invest in renewable energy technology and better heat efficiency.


For those wishing to find the most suitable products and financial help available for a specific installation based on property, location and budget, KM Renewable Energy are able to offer FREE no obligation consultancy and impartial advice.


We perform property EPC inspections to assess the energy efficiency of your property and can advise you on whether you will qualify for a grant or subsidy.  Inspections are a mandatory requirement for Green Deal and RHI but it is also beneficial in ensuring your property is sufficiently insulated.


KM Renewable Energy can supply, fit, monitor and maintain a range of innovative products that harness the power of nature, or use renewable energy sources, such as Biomass.  We are also passionate about making use of the most economic and up to date technologies and combining them to create more efficient systems.


KM Renewable Energy can offer a range of flexible finance arrangements from hand-picked providers to ensure your new installation is affordable and maximises the benefits of any available grants, subsidies and tariffs.


KM Renewable Energy has access to ECO funding for commercial and domestic insulation projects covering external, cavity and loft insulation although generally a partial contribution is required.


Our installers are MCS certified and fully comply with the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) set out by the Renewable Energy Association (REA).  Installers are carefully selected and vetted to ensure they offer the highest levels of technical competence and customer care.  We are careful to source high quality products from reputable manufacturers with a track record for innovation, efficiency and reliability.  All installations are fully guaranteed.




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